Cocoa Almond Butter
Cocoa. Sprouted spelt. Quinoa. 
 This special flour blend make up some of the ancient grains in this chocolaty molasses treat. Rich source of omega 3 essential fats, antioxidants & fiber.
Carob Almond Butter
​Original Almond Butter
Ancient Oatmeal
Heirloom Grain Biscuits
Cinnamon Rolls
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Our Products ~ Plant based, Vegan
We take pride in our expanding line of specialty bakery products that are egg, dairy, cholesterol and trans fat free. Our products are available for canteen, cafeteria, catering & food service venues.
All of the products we offer are baked to order. 
Carob. Flax seeds. Sorghum. 
A rich source of calcium that becomes an endurance food when combined with quinoa. Carob is a evergreen flowering shrub, native to the Mediterranean. 

Almonds. Rosehips. Unrefined Sugar.  
A great source of protein, and essential trace minerals. The almond-toffee taste is a winning pick up for breakfast, after lunch or dinner snack.
Sprouted wheat. Oats. Dried Fruit. 
A fiber rich heart-healthy treat, add any fruit or dairy free chocolate inclusion for a wonderful healthy snack.  When combined with flax seeds or chia seeds oatmeal increases your omega 3 essential fat intake ~ a positive health benefit!

​Chia seeds. Teas. Hibiscus.  
Heart-healthy biscuits anyone? These ancient biscuits are cholesterol, trans-fat  and dairy free. Request them to be made with flax milk, chia & or flaxseeds for a nutrient rich breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert side.
Organic cinnamon. Roses. Organic sugar.  
Yeast leavened dough, buttered in naturally cholesterol free, plant based spread, add raisins or nuts, or a thin coat of organic   confection sugar icing. Baked in a round pan, they are known as "Boston Cake". 
This is a special request item.

Ancient Grains. Nutrient Rich. Digest with Ease.